Glen Onoko Estates
Home Owners' Association

Next Meeting:

Board Meeting: June 29, 2021 at 7pm
Members are welcome to attend meetings. Please email for details

Annual Meeting:

Official Meeting Notice

Took place on April 10th, 10:00AM

Resources for Members:

Resources for buyers, sellers, and members building on their property:

  • Sellers must submit for a Resale Certification before the sale of a property and pay the association a $100.00 fee. The seller or seller's agent should contact the board for a Resale Certification.

  • Buyers must pay a capital improvement fee at the time of closing to the association. There is a $100.00 fee for properties without a structure, and a $200.00 fee doe a property with a structure.

  • Owners building on their property must submit for a permit from the association and pay a $250 fee and a $1500 deposit.

Contact Info and Board Members:

  • Thomas Priore - President

  • Joe Shigo - Vice President

  • Brian Off - Treasure

  • Jessica Corbin - Secretary

  • John McGinltey - Road Chair

  • Brian Decker - Membership Chair

  • Greg Steward - Board Member

  • Russ Mehnert - Board Member

  • Mike Morresi - Board Member

Glen Onoko Estates Voicemail: (570) 325-8565


Mailing Address:

Glen Onoko Estates

1001 Glen Onoko Drive

Jim Thorpe, PA, 18229